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Março 2011
Potential market
The March issue of Paint & Pintura Magazine stresses the panel and lecture program for the 1st Paint & Pintura
Coatings Technology Forum for the Northeast Region, the highlights of which include the participation of highly
reputable companies in the paint industry, such as Adexim-Comexim, Air Products, Bandeirante Brazmo, Brasche-
mical, Cabot, D’Altomare, Eastman, Itatex, Makeni, Mast, Miracema-Nuodex, Moinho Pirâmide, and Monte Pas-
coal. In addition, the event has been supported by 100 percent of all customers contacted in the Greater Fortaleza
area, as well as entities like the Ceará State Union of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Oil Distillation and Refining
Companies (known for short as Sind Química), and the Ceará State Industries’ Federation (FIEC).
Another highlight of this issue is the Special Report on the Northeastern Paint Market – Part II – Pernambuco.
The Brazilian Northeast is a very appealing region in terms of production and logistics, especially now that the
local infrastructure has been expanded and new public and private investments are being made in the port of
Suape. In addition, the three regional market leaders are based in Pernambuco, namely, AkzoNobel, BASF Suvinil,
and Iquine, which share the leadership in the Northeastern market, supplying the region from the Greater Recife
area. The three companies have given our magazine an exclusive interview, providing detailed information on the
region’s and Brazil’s paint market, and also on their growth, investments and technological breakthroughs.
News on the Abrafati 2011 trade show are published in our interview with Dilson Ferreira, chief executive officer
at Abrafati, who told us about the expectations for Abrafati 2011 and gave us the most relevant information on
both the Exhibition and the Congress, the key theme for which is innovation and sustainability.
Our readers are also presented with articles on titanium dioxide, rheology modifiers, and production equipment
(mills, dispensers and mixers), which provide an update on the latest developments in products and equipment for
the paint industry.
As a distinguishing feature, the cover of Paint & Pintura Magazine for this month highlights BASF’s 100th an-
niversary in Brazil and Suvinil’s 50 years of existence. Check out on the following pages an extensive piece on this
story of success.
Enjoy reading!
Lucélia Monfardini
1st Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology Forum
Forum livens up the Northeast
Agnelo Editora is holding for the first time the Paint &
Pintura Coatings Technology Forum for the Northeast
Region, scheduled to take place on March 24 and 25 at
Blue Tree Premium, Iracema Beach, in Fortaleza. “Our
goal is to bring into the Northeast region seminars, de-
bates, lectures and panels designed to foster knowledge
and spread the latest technologies and innovations in
decorative paints, automotive coatings and protec-
tive coatings, bringing together the most important
representatives of the region’s paint industry, who will
be thus given an opportunity to interact, exchange ex-
periences and enhance their knowledge,” says Agnelo de
Barros Neto, chief executive officer at Agnelo Editora.
The 1st Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology Forum
for the Northeast Region is part of Agnelo Editora’s
program designed to promote knowledge in the vari-
ous regions of Brazil. The State of Ceará was selected
to host the first edition of the forum because it stands
out in the domestic market for its large number of local
manufacturers and the growth that it has experienced
over the past few years, which has required a series of
investments from the industry aiming at a better posi-
tion in the marketplace. In addition, major national
players are side by side with the state’s local manufac-