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in the epoxy resin market at a Dow Química distributor. “The founder started out as
a polyester and fiberglass reseller, and later she extended the business to the epoxy
market, always with the idea of supplying customers with raw materials. However,
it wasn’t long before she realized how important it was to sell formulated systems to
various market segments, so she incorporated the production of more sophisticated pro-
ducts into the business, such as epoxy, polyurethane and other types of polymers,” says
Marketing Manager Glaucio Conde.
A 100-percent Brazilian-held company, Polipox currently produces epoxy resin-based
compounds, curing hardeners, polyurethanes and other engineered polymers, serving
customers in the paint and coatings, industrial flooring, building and construction,
home appliances, consumer electronics, marble and granite, adhesive, composite and
label resin industries. “We’ve been getting a lot of business as a manufacturer of protec-
tive coatings and flooring systems. In addition, we provide concrete treatment materials
like specialty polymers designed to recover concrete structures, as well as structural
adhesives, fiberglass laminated linings for tanks and several surface protection systems,
which make up a comprehensive solution package, while supplying raw materials to
formulating companies,” Conde points out.
After Manufacturing Director Valton Guilger bought into the business, Polipox streng-
thened its activities by investing in a new plant, located in Cesário Lange, São Paulo.
The new facilities were built in a piece of land covering an area 100,000 sq. m, 3,500 sq.
m of which are taken up by a production plant, and 2,000 sq. m by supporting areas.
After a total investment of R$ 7 million, the new Polipox plant has been up and running
since the fourth quarter of 2011. “The plant is located by the 145-km marker on the
Castelo Branco highway, with means that it’s near São Paulo and easy to reach. In
addition, the new area allows for further expansions, if required in the future, and is
compliant with the applicable environmental preservation standards. We managed to
reshape the whole structure, imported equipment and set up reactors, and now we have
a prime industrial plant there,” says Conde.
Launch - HERO Products launches 900 Series
HERO Products announced that they have introduced the 900-Series to the automatic
dispenser product line. This range of models provides the largest volume canisters (over
20 liters), with the smallest footprint of all machines in the category, according to Mar-
co Storel, Director at HERO Latin America.
The introduction of the 900-Series fills out the current category requirements for the
auto dispenser market and provides HERO customers with a complete range of auto
dispensers, according to Mr. Storel, from the 100-Series, launched 2 years ago as the
smallest fully automatic dispenser in the market, to the new 900-Series, which touts
the largest colorant vessels available in the market, aligned with the smallest modules,
giving this product a competitive edge on two important fronts.
Much effort has gone into the 5-gallon shelf/roller conveyor combination, in order to
facilitate the highest number of 1-gallon can staging, while giving consideration to the
need to be able to convert from a 1-gallon to a 5-gallon configuration in just seconds.
“However we didn’t design it ourselves. We worked with two of the largest paint compa-
nies in the industry, and took back several of their recommendations, in order to deliver
a final product that will aid in keeping pace with the busy paint dealers and high volu-
me corporate store and retailer requirement,” says Mr. Storel.
Over the past 5 years, HERO has grown to be one of the world’s largest producers of