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Setembro 2012
automatic dispensing machines, employing the Progressing
Cavity Pump, or “PCP” pumping technology. This technology has
been vetted by such institutions as Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), who have claimed that the PCP technology is
the best “fit for purpose” pumping technology for the Low and
Zero VOC colorants, now populating North America.
Launch - Delta Color Launches Colorium2
Delta Color has launched its second-generation colorimeters called
Colorium2. “Delta Color, the first and, so far, only domestic manu-
facturer of colorimeters, is launching Colorium2, its second-genera-
tion colorimeter,” says the company’s sales director Miguel Becker.
Color is an important variable in virtually all industry segments.
Even though seemingly it is just a detail, the color element often
accounts for consumer rejection of products that are perfectly craf-
ted, but lack the quality of being painted in the right color. “With its
experience in this market, Data Color has encountered a lot of cases
where customers refused to receive large lots of parts produced from
the right material, in the right size and amount and at the right
prices, which is the same as saying that they were perfect parts, but
they were in the wrong color, leading the whole lot to be returned,”
Becker tells.
In launching this product, Delta Color provides the market with a
practical, easy-to-use tool. “Colorium2 has a new optical geometry
that enables color readings closer to the human eye on various sur-
faces, while being the only domestically made item of its kind with a
full software package and documentation in Portuguese, as well as
local technical support provided by the manufacturer itself,” Becker
points out.
Low-VOC Systems - Hydronorth Demonstrates
Benefits from its Eco Pintura Line
Low-VOC coatings represent a major evolution in the paint
industry, and manufacturers are increasingly engaged in
developing and providing consumers with products that are
friendlier to human health and the environment. Hydronorth
cares so much about this theme that it has created a low-VOC
line of products that meet the GBC requirements. These include
the Premium environment-friendly acrylic paint, which is fit
to provide sustainable finishes on façades, ceilings and general
interior and exterior walls. Its special formulation provides a
combination of relevant benefits to the building and construc-
tion industry, from productivity in application to its functionali-
ties on the façades and environments to which it is applied. The
most significant benefit that it provides lies in its high con-
centration, which allows it to cover nearly twice the area that
would be covered using the same amount of traditional paints,
while reducing CO2 emissions.
One other outstanding product is Bio-Pruf, a technology that
inhibits the growth of mold, algae and bacteria on both indoor
and outdoor surfaces. Designed for Hydronorth, it protects
the finished environment from microorganisms that can cause
allergic reactions, compromise air quality and damage the
appearance of the coated surface. The Premium environment-
-friendly acrylic paint has been designed according to the ASTM
D6886 standard, resulting in a solids content of less than 10 g/l,
as demonstrated by test reports.