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Paint & Pintura Forum to Bring Innovation to
The 17th Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology andMana-
gement Forumwill take place on September 4 inRibeirão
Preto, SãoPaulo. During the forum, a series of specialized
technical lectures for the paint and coatings industry will
be provided by major companies like Lubrizol, Intertank,
Polystell,MAST, Allnex, andMomentive.
Inaddition to technical presentations, theprogram for the
forum includes lectures onmanagement to further enrich
the event. The opening plenary sessionwill be conducted
by Francisco Racz, of Racz Consultoria, whowill deliver a
the lecture“BrazilianPaintMarket:ABriefOutlookon2013
and Prospects for 2020”, comprising data on the Brazilian
paint market for 2013 by segment and how it has evolved
over the past few years. “The evolution of the market is
related tomacroeconomic factors, especially theevolution
in purchasing power. In addition, a projection of the rele-
vantmarkets inBrazil for2020will beprovided,”saysRacz.
Another featured lecturewill beprovidedbyRoberto
Cafório, manager of operations at RadTech South
The city of Ribeirão Preto, on the countryside of the
state of São Paulo, Brazil’s Southeast region, is con-
sidered to be the municipality which has grown and
evolved themost in said state compared to its other
larger cities. RibeirãoPreto is also favoredby its loca-
tion, as it is connected to several cities in the stateof
São Paulo by the Anhanguera and Cândido Portinari
highways, and is alsohas the Leite Lopes airport.
The cityhas seen investments increase in the fieldsof
healthcare,biotechnology,bioenergyand information
technology, which in 2010 earned Ribeirão Preto the
title of “technology powerhouse. In addition, it is
surrounded by important manufacturers of decorati-
ve paints and industrial coatings. As a result, the city
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