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| Paint&pintura |Agosto2014
In TuneWith The Industry’s Evolution
To always bring younews, information, andwhat is
themost current andmost innovative in existence
for thepaint and coatings industry is themissionof
Paint & PinturaMagazine. This August issue brings
you the latestnewson themarket formineral fillers
and slurries, where high performance and particle
micronization technologies are predominant. They
are also products that reduce paint formulation
costs, hence the growing demand for, and use of,
these rawmaterials in the Brazilianmarket.
Another featured article in this issue is on tinting
systems and colorants for both industrial users and
points of sale. The technologies employed in this
market segment aremore advanced each day, and
theyare focusedonprovidingwhat customers really
need: more compact, high-precision, low-mainte-
nance equipment with high quality, durability, and
automation. Also, colorants are available in awide
variety of shades and have a strong sustainability
This month’s interview is about one of the most
important acquisitions in the distribution industry.
In 2013, IMCDN.V., a Dutch distributor of specialty
chemicals and food ingredients, acquiredMakeni, a
companywith33years’ experiencedistributingche-
micals inBrazil. Experiencesandchemical portfolios
are thuscombined into IMCDBrazil,whichhasgreat
investmentandotherplans for theBrazilianmarket.
Telling all details of IMCDBrazil’s plans is chief exe-
cutiveofficerReinaldoMedrano, responsible for all
of the company’s operations inBrazil.
Make sure you see the program for technical and ma-
nagement lectures thatwill be presented at the Paint &
Pintura Coatings Technology and Management Forum,
which is going tobe held for the second time in the city
of Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo on September 4. This year
alone, AgneloEditorahasheld four such forums in cities
located indifferentBrazilian regions, namely: Fortaleza,
Ceará; Criciúma, Santa Catarina; Londrina, Paraná; and
Guarulhos, São Paulo. And twomore are yet to be held
in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, and Goiânia, Goiás. These
forumshavebeen takingplace since2011 andarealready
very important in theBrazilianpaintmarket due to their
high-end technical lectures involving lotsof information
and innovation.
Interview - Combining Forces
The Dutch company IMCD N.V. adds its international
experiencedistributing specialty chemicals and food in-
distributorMakeni, forming IMCDBrazil.
Afterannouncing itsacquisitionofMakeni inSeptember
2013, IMCDN.V. amultinationalheadquartered inRotterdam,
the Netherlands, a market leader in sales, marketing and
distributionof specialty chemicals and food ingredients, has
majorprojectsthatwillbe implemented intheBrazilianbranch.
The investments the company plans tomake contemplate
increasing itssales force, hiringexperts, settingupnew labo-
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