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FMF, University of Freiburg. His paper entitled “Green
PolymerChemistry”willprovideanswers to thequestion
as towhy“organic” isnot always“green”andwill show
attendees what sustainable development in terms of
economical resources aswell aswhat theuseof recycla-
ble substancesandcarbondioxidefixation in theareaof
coatings and polymer applications will look like. Other
lecturerswill be covering themesonpaints and coatings
formulations, printing inks, adhesives and sealants. Thos
whoare interestedbutunable toattend theevent inper-
sonwill have theopportunity towatch iton thewebsite:
Investment - IMCD Brazil Opens Office in São
Incozycorporateenvironmentsitsthe IMCDBrazil’snew
office, theplaceof business for its entire sales teamand
withallof itspartners, suppliersandcustomersandmore
comfort forall of itspersonnel.
Theyear2015hadaverygoodbeginning for IMCDBrazil.
With plans to further improve its customer service, the
company has invested in a new office for its sales team
and board of directors, located in the district of Santo
Amaro, inSãoPaulo.
Thenewoffice ison the 15thfloorofMorumbi Corporate
–EdifícioGoldenTower,amodernbuildingwithan inviting
decorationandexcellent facilities formeetings, nearSão
Paulo’sCongonhasairport,finehotelsand restaurants.
Several factorshave led IMCDBrazil totakethis initiative.
“Obviously,thenumber-onefactorwasthe lackofspaceat
wearegoing toutilizeallofourDiademabase toexpand
ourproductionand laboratoryareasand training rooms,
will providingmore comfort to the company’s entiread-
ministrative, financial and supporting teams. Inaddition,
ourgoal is fouroursales team tobeable tomovearound
andsuppliersareconcentrated in thisarea,whichmeans
wewant tobe closer for easeof contact and to shorten
our physical distance from themarketplace. You know,
althoughwe have all the information technologywhich
facilitatescommunicationas it is,beingphysicallypresent
still isextremely important,”saysReinaldoMedrano,chief
executiveofficerat IMCDBrazil.
All of these factorsadd to the ideaofhaving the salesdepart-
ment inanentirelycorporateenvironment. “Thenewoffice is
in linewith IMCDworldwide.Wewanted to convey to all our
they visit anyother IMCD location inanypart of theworldby
settingupouroffices inasimilarenvironmentandat thesame
levelastheothersor, inotherwords, in linewiththecompany’s
global strategy,”Medranoassures.
Safety - Coim Invests inFirefightingSystem
Multinational chemical company bolsters commitment to
safetyby implementing state-of-the-artfirefighting system.
Coim(ChimicaOrganica IndustrialeMilanese),amanufacturer
of specialtychemicals located inVinhedo, upstateSãoPaulo,
withaview topreserving thesafetyof itsemployeesand the
neighboring community, investedUS$ 1.6million last year to
purchaseanewfirefighting system.
Oneof the key points of differenceof its design is the foam
whichensures reliableandaccurate foamdosing in theevent
that any signsoffirearise.
According to Paulo Rogério de Souza, engineering and
maintenancemanager at COIM, once it is activated by high
temperature, the system releasesfirefightingwater through
sprinklerswith foam in the rightproportion. “Foamdosing is
key to success infirefighting, as ithas to suppress thefireby
separating the fuel from theair.”
The systemwas implementedby themultinational’s engine-
ering group, with support from the supplies and EHS (envi-
ronment, healthandsafety) teams. “Thedesignconceptand
the system thatwenowhave implemented at the company
representsthestateoftheart inBraziland intheCOIMGroup
aswell. In fact, it has been cited as a benchmark by the São
Paulo State FireDepartment,” says EHS and general service
on internationalstandards(NFPA30)andthatallcomponents
lopsengineeringsolutionsandprovideseffective insurancefor
COIM’sfacilities. It isalsorecognizebyall insurancecompanies,
aswell asall ofCOIM’scustomersand suppliers.
The project was also part of a company investment to the
tuneof 25million reals that also included theconstructionof
anew logisticswarehouse,whichwasopened in the second
half of 2014. After its conception inmid 2012, the installation
of the new firefighting systemwas completed inDecember
2014with theapproval of theFireDepartment.
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