Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 228

CLIPPING PAINT&PINTURA | Dezembro 2017 | 9 -performance,non-leafingaluminumpigments.Accordingly, we definitely expect to end 2017with some growth, andwe think that’s quite realistic.” ACRYLIC RESINS - INCREASINGLY FUNCTIONAL AND APPEALING Acrylic resinusers are always in themarket for newdevelop- mentsfeaturingaddedfunctionalitiesandhighperformance atmoreaffordablecosts,whilebeingenvironmentallyfriendly alternatives. Nowadays, acrylic resins have becomemore functional, and in high demand in the acrylic resin market are technologies that can deliver improved performance, quality and produc- tivity, while meeting environmental requirements at the same time, with friendlier, less pollutingproducts. These are thechiefrequirementsforresinmanufacturers,accordingto Ana Claudia Sturaro, product steward for Evonik’s Degalan line of resins. “In addition, providing a material that combi- nes high efficiency and quality to add value to end product at an affordable cost is a constant challenge. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of specialty chemicals to the paint and coatings industry, Evonik has extensive know-how, and our group invests more than 400 million euros annually in research and development. We seek to offer not only effi- cient yet competitively-priced products, but also excellent customer service, so we can be a full-fledged partner to the coatings industry.” With this trend towards added functionalities, this type of resin has been yielding improvements in a number of paint properties, according to IMCD product steward Flavia Zangrandi. “Acrylic resins currently featuregreaterwater resistance, a better interaction with other formulation components, and improved abrasion resistance, whichmakes themwell suited for wood coa- tings, among other applications.” Another major pursuit among suppliers of acrylic resins is the development of environmentally friendlier solutions. “It’s worth pointing out that emission limits for volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are being lowered all over the world. As a result, paint and coatings formulators have to handle a growing number of restrictionsontheirchoiceofrawmaterials,andEvonikisontothis powerful market trend. With a view to supporting our customers in these efforts, Evonik is also continually expanding our portfolio of resins with sustainability features,” Ana Claudia notes. CleberNeves Pacheco, ofManchester’sR&D laboratory, says that resinsdefinitelyplayanessentialroleinpaintformulations,leading supplierstobealwaysinsearchofimprovement.“Thereisnopaint formulation todaywhere there’s no resin involved, if only at a low rate, as the resin plays a key role, in that in assists in developing weathering resistance and good film formation, among other properties. Besides, this is a really competitivemarket,whereonly by providing a quality resin do you experience growth, and so our developers’ policy is one of innovating, having the least possible impact on the environment, and doing it sustainably.” Inspiteofallinnovationsanddevelopments,themarketforacrylic resins is also faced with a major challenge, according to Adriano Petrone, Wana Química’s Northeast branch director. “The big