Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 228

CLIPPING 10 | PAINT&PINTURA | Dezembro 2017 challenge facing suppliers lies in developing acrylic resins that de- liver highperformanceat affordablecosts, as themonomersused are commodities, and the biggest challenge for us at the supplies departmentistofindthebestoptionsavailableonthemarket.Our development department has great projects underway for high performance styrene acrylic resins and road-marking products, which are going to be available in themarketplace next year.” THICKENERS - DEVELOPMENTSWITH SUSTAINABLE APPEAL Thickeners are key ingredients in paint and coatings formulations where various properties are to be developed that add value to those products. What’smore, the latest innovations in thickeners are low-VOC or totally VOC-free and APEO-free products. The market for thickeners goes side by side with the decorative paint market, where the demand for this type of additive is the highest. The quality of a decorative coating product is directly related to the thickener that is used in it, as thickeners are the most important additive for ensuring a variety of properties, such as stability, brush drag, leveling, and low spatter, which has incre- asingly led thickener producers to try and develop new products fordecorativepaintmanufacturers, accordingtoMarlonBraidott, technical consultantonadditives forBASF inSouthAmerica. “Cus- tomers in other segments like industrial and automotive coatings have also displayed some growth in their demand for thickeners, thanks especially to the growing use of waterborne products in those applications.” Mauricio Cunha, of Technical Applications at BYK Brazil, says that since the introduction of new resin technologies - waterborne, solvent-borne and solvent-free systems - and new pigment tech- nologies-organicandinorganicpigments-thickenersuppliershave played a key part in the development, applicability and stability of those formulations. “As a result, environmentally compliant and high-performance thickeners provide the necessary support for sustainable growth in the industry.” ForManchester’s research anddevelopment expert TiagoSartor, developers are currently investing in high performance, as part of arestlessefforttowardsimprovingtheirproducts.“Growthinthis segment will be pushed by more and more ‘powerful’ products that increasingly enhancepaint properties. The futureof this busi- ness, as in other industry segments, is about replacing petroleum products withmaterials from renewable sources.” EVENTS - PAINT & PINTURA FORUM IN CRICIÚMA DRAWS BIG CROWD AGAIN The 33rd Paint & Pintura Coatings Technology and Management Forum, South Region, took place on November 9 at the Criciúma Business Association (ACIC, the initials in Portuguese), in the city of Criciúma, Santa Catarina, andhad a total of 108 registered attendees. In his opening speech, Edilson Zanatta, president of the Southern Santa Catarina Chemical Industry Union (known for short in Portuguese as Sinquisul), stressed the benefits of conferences like this, as it brings along key innovations in rawmaterials, supplies and management processes for the paint and coatings industry, as well as how important the South region is to the industry in the national arena: “Santa Catarinaproduces12percentofallpaintsconsumedinBrazil, a testament to the state’s strength and prominence within the federation.” Fortheforum’sopeningplenarysession,thelecture“Projec- tionsfortheBrazilianCoatingsMarket,RegionalandIndustry- -SpecificImpacts”wasdeliveredbyFranciscoRácz,apartner atconsultancyfirmRácz,Yamaga&ConsultoresAssociados, with 40 years’ experience in all paint, coatings and related segments in Latin America. The presentation provided an overviewof all segments of thepaint andcoatingsmarket in Brazilandhowtheyhaverecentlyevolved,aswellasprojects for the next fewyears based on hypothetical developments intheeconomyandtheirimpactsontheindustryandregion. Next came Elementis Specialties’ applications manager for LatinAmerica, CarlosRamiro,whosepresentationwas titled “RheologyAppliedtoSolvingTypicalProblemsinDecorative & Industrial Coatings.” “PerformancePolymersandTheirApplicationsinthePrinting Inks and Industrial Coatings Industries” was the title of the lecture that followed, presented by Fernando Guirau Parra, businessmanager for LatinAmerica, Fabricio Casco, of tech- nical sales, and Joice Hack, polymer applications chemist, all at Stahl Polymers. The theme for Brenntag’s lecturewas “Silicone Technology: Heat-Resistant Resins and New Additives for Waterborne Systems,” as addressed by the company’s own technical expert Sergio Azevedo Santos, and his counterpart at Dow, EvertonMarion. Eco-efficient products were introduced in the lecture featu- red by IMCD in conjunctionwith Covestro. Titled “Efficiency and Advantages of High-Performance, Low-VOC Systems,” it was delivered by Covestro’s paints and coatings assistant technicianAnaPaulaAlonsoCardoso, after thepresentation was kicked off by Flavia Zangrandi, IMCD Coatings & Cons- tructionproductmanager,who spokeon the theme“IMCD: Distributing Innovations to Customers.” Opening the afternoon presentations was the lecture “Dirt- -Resistant, Easy-to-Clean and Low-Maintenance Surfaces,”