Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 233

ever had in Brazil: Luxforde,” says Bruno Potomati Fiuza, the director in charge of the new coatings range in the marketplace. The brand is a business division of the paint and coatings company Lukscolor Tintas, which puts it under the umbrella of a group comprising Luksnova, Local, and Aromat. According to Fiuza, as it goes tomarket, AutoLuks is reaffirming its brand’s mission of focusing on providing premium plus products that deliver optimal productivity to users, which translates to saving time and money, from a portfolio designed to meet themain requirements fromauto repair shops and customerswhose business involves automotive refinish processes - in the agribusiness and transportation sectors - and is also going to be updated and complemented in a speedy way. “In addition, we are also offering services that will meet the needs and requirements of applicators, while adding profitability for retailers.” Coatings for the AutoLuks line are packed in modern containers that convey the technological point of difference and the whole concept of innovation that the brand puts forward in the marketplace, according to Fiuza, who concludes, “They use a simple language, one that is easy to understand and helps professional pain- ters execute perfect paint jobs. One thing that adds to that is that by using the QR code technology, they enable applicators, retailers and clerks to learn more about the brand’s value proposition and product details. Our company is also ushering in the market the “Self-Testing” experience, which will enable professionals to learn about and apply all products from the AutoLuks range, so they can recognize their unique quality and productivity points.”