Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 242

CLIPPING 6 | PAINT&PINTURA | Abril 2019 PAINT & PINTURA REGIONAL AWARDS, NORTH- NORTHEAST - PAINT INDUSTRY “OSCARS” IN NORTH- NORTHEAST REGION EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATIONS In a full house, the 2nd Paint &Pintura Regional Awards, North & Northeast ceremony announced the winners in 22 catego- ries, including suppliers of rawmaterials, paint companies, and personalities of the year. In a sophisticated setting, onMarch 15 at Arcádia Recepções, in Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil), the 2nd Paint & Pintura Regional Awards, North&Northeast was attended by leading represen- tatives and personalities of businesses and associations of the local paint and coatings industry. In his opening speech, Agnelo Editora’s chief executive officer Agnelo de Barros Neto congratulated all companies that made the finals on paying a key role in the industry, and also stressed the importance of the individuals who contributed to making this a very significant sector in Brazil’s GDP. “We will continue hard at work in the North and Northeast regions, and putting APRIL BRINGS ALONG TWO VERSIONS OF COATINGS INDUSTRY “OSCAR” Our April issue is one of the highlights of the year because not only does it bring our coverage of the second edition of the Paint & Pintura Regional Awards, North & Northeast, it also announces the finalists for the national version, the Paint and PinturaAwards, bothofwhichare recognizedbyeveryone in the marketplace as the “Oscars” of the paint and coatings industry. So, you readers can find on the coming pages our complete coverage of the 2nd Paint & Pintura Regional Awards, North & Northeast,whichtookplaceonMarch15atArcádiaRecepções, in Recife, Pernambuco(Brazil). Theeventwasheldat veryamodern and sophisticated venue, and like its first edition, it was a major success, attendedby key leadersof the industry in those regions. The winners were announced in all 22 categories, including paint companies, suppliers and personalities of the year. The 3rd edition of the award presentation is slated to take place in 2020, in Fortaleza, Ceará. For its national counterpart, the finalists in 53 categories are announced in this issue. Comprising 39 categories for raw materials, eight for paint companies, and six for personalities of the year, the grandiose “Oscar night” of the paint and coa- tings industry is its 23rd edition and is taking place on May 10, 2019 at Espaço Vila dos Ipês, in São Paulo, where people from across the supply chain and leaders of key industry entities will be in attendance. The Paint & Pintura Forums, too, have been a great success. They exceed expectations each passing year. The latest forum, held on March 14 and 15 at Radisson Recife, in the namesake city of Recife, Pernambuco, ushered into the region a novel format—in addition to the lectures, sponsoring companies had a space set aside to showcase their products and receive visitors to the forum. Another new initiative taken to Recife were panels formed by technology leaders, CEOs and other officers from paint companies, who discussed pathways for the industry, thema- nagement challenges facing it, and newbusiness opportunities for the next decade, as well as a future scenario where niche markets will be key to growth and solidification. This issue includes our complete coverage of the event, while advancing the schedule of lectures for the next forum, whichwill be held in the Southern city of Joinville, Santa Catarina, on April 11, at Bourbon Joinville Business Hotel. The featured articles for this month are on chemical distribu- tion, which includes an interview with Associquim-Sincoquim president Rubens Medrano, who talks about advances the industry has made and some of his expectations for this year, and on intermediate bulk containers, a class of products that is widely used and recognized by the coatings industry for their safety, quality and other advantages. LUCÉLIA MONFARDINI together an event that meets the bar, because I happen to be a great believer in this region, as any good Northeastern like myself is. And I want to see this event of ours growmore and more. I’ll certainly see you again in 2020, in Fortaleza, and then in 2021, whenwe’ll be back in Recife. Thank you all verymuch.” The award presentation ceremony was hosted by the journa- list, TV host andMC Juliana Franceschi Bento, who is currently on the local channels SBT and TV Esporte. Closing the night were the blues by the band Vintage Pepper. The event was sponsored by Arkema/Coatex, BASF, Bomix, Brenntag, GrupoMoinho Pirâmide, Indústrias Reunidas Renda, Lanxess, and Wana Química, and also backed by IMCD. The event is a regional version of the Paint & Pintura Awards, which are in their 23rd edition this year and are acknowledged as the “Oscar” of the paint and coatings industry, and were created by Agnelo Editora to honor the companies supplying the industry with rawmaterials, as well as the professionals of the industry, in the North and Northeast. These two regions