Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 242

CLIPPING PAINT&PINTURA | Abril 2019 | 9 formance, Don’t Raise Costs,” featuring Caroline Reggiani da Silva, a chemist specializing in dispersions at BASF South America, and Marlon Eduardo Braidott Ozarias, technical consultant on additives. Before everybody left, the MAST Group drew lots for three product kits for participating companies. The winners were Jaime Martins, of Kolortech, Iury Maracajá, of Petrobras, and Tintas Iquine’s Adrielly Frazão da Silva. Day Two- The second day’s procedures were set in motion by Washington Yamaga, of Rácz, Yamaga & Consultores Associa- dos, who presented a lecture titled “Managing Innovation in Brazil’s Coatings Industry.” Next was Oxitenowith the lecture “Oxitive, a VersatileWetting Technology for Decorative Paints,” delivered by the company’s TS&D researcher Henrique Cesar Liviero Soares da Silva. The paint and coatings industry heading for a future where new niche markets will be key to ensuring growth and solidi- fication in the market. To discuss that theme, another panel was held featuring technology officers and managers from paint companies. The panel lineup consisted of Edson Tog- nin, head of R&D, Quality and Processes at Tintas Hidracor, Fernando Pinheiro, Research and Development manager at Tintas Iquine, João Batista Braga de Oliveira, technical manager at Tintas Lux, Rosângela Kizner, technical manager at AkzoNobel’s Decorative Paints business in Brazil, and, as mediator, Josafá Rebouças, head of Research and Develop- ment at Grupo Edson Queiroz. To close the forum, Univar presented the lecture “Enhancing Decorative Paint Formulations with Performance Additives,” delivered by the company’s own Alex Areas, an expert on technical development. To top it off, Datacolor drew lots for two ColorReader Pro colorimeters for participating companies. Thewinners for day twowere Danielle Cristine Araújo Lopes, of Tintas Starlux, and Aderval José das Chagas Salvador, of Pernambuco Indústria de Tintas Eirelli. PAINT & PINTURA FORUM TO TAKE UNPUBLISHED LECTURES TO JOINVILLE The 41st Paint &Pintura Coatings Technology andManagement Forum in the South Region is taking place on April 11, 2019 at Bourbon Joinville Business Hotel, in downtown Joinville, Santa Catarina. This is the second time the forum is hosted by this important urban area to the north of the state. The event will feature two panels, one consisting of paint and coatings industry CEOs, and one of industry-leading technical staff. In addition, technical lectures will be presented featuring the latest of innovations in products, services and equipment frommajor suppliers, as well as presentation onmanagement- -related topics by coatings industry experts. Check the pages ahead for the schedule of ectures. INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION - ABRAFATI ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF “QUALITY PAINT” CAMPAIGN Abrafati, short in Portuguese for Brazilian PaintManufacturers Association, launched on March 21 its “Quality Paint” cam- paign. Targeting consumers all over the country, the initiative aims to bring and raise public awareness of the existence of the Industry-Specific Quality Program (PSQ) for Decorative Paints, which assess paint products against industry-standard techni- cal specifications issued by the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standards) and thus identifies companies that are up to those standards, and those which are non-compliant. The entity is going to combine the public awareness and guidance efforts on digital channels and to have the www. platform as the central tool, which will allow users to look up companies and brands very practically and fast to find whether or not they qualify as compliant. According to Abrafati’s executive president Antonio Carlos Oliveira, the campaign empowers consumers, as they are now given a tool to help themmake safe choices. “People need to know that there is a quality evaluation program in place for paints in the Brazilian market that entail systematic product analyses, and that this program is their protection, their as- surance when they go shopping for these products,” he said.