Revista Paint & Pintura - Edição 242

CLIPPING have been developing each year and experiencing significant growth across the board in the manufacturing sector, espe- cially in the paint and coatings industry. Agnelo Editora also paid a tribute to João Henrique da Silva, an important personality who made invaluable contributions to the coatings industry before he passed away last February. João Henrique da Silva worked for major companies, such as Denver Gel and Lamil, and was recently with the sales repre- sentation company JH Representações, representing such suppliers as Arkema, Syco, Carbomil, and Fos-Química. Find out in this issue who were the winners of the 2nd Paint & Pintura Regional Awards, North & Northeast. PAINT & PINTURA AWARDS - FINALISTS FOR 23RD PAINT & PINTURA AWARDS ANNOUNCED The Paint & Pintura Survey has unveiled the finalists for the “Oscars” of the paint and coatings industry in 39 categories for raw materials, eight for paint companies, including the “Master Company” category, and six for personalities of the year, the people who stood out over the course of last year. The 23rd Paint & Pintura Awards will be presented on May 10, 2019 at Espaço Vila do Ipês, in São Paulo, where the winners in total of 53 categories. Conducted by this publishing house Agnelo Editora on our web portal at , the Paint & Pintura Survey saw phase one kick off on November 12, 2018 and extend to December 21, 2018. For the“Personalityof Year”categories, a se- cond roundof vote followedandextendeduntilMarch 30, 2019. The survey forms for the raw material categories asked paint companies to name up to five companies for each category and rate themby specification, partnership, lead times, pricing, service and volume. Of the personality categories, only “Su- pplier Personality” was decided by that same questionnaire as well. For the other personality categories, the votes were cast by suppliers to the industry. The “Paint Company of the Year” categories, too, were deci- ded by representatives of suppliers, who rated the companies the serve according to criteria that emphasized quality, invest- ment in research and development, new product releases, respect for the environment, and social responsibility. The winner in “Master Company” category is elected by the sum of citations in different categories and the points scored in each. You can find the 53 finalists elsewhere in this issue. CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTION - INDUSTRY MOVES FORWARD ON PORTFOLIO AND CUSTOMIZED SERVICE The chemical distribution industry makes strides each year, with even more comprehensive portfolios for the paint and coatings industry and unique customer service to meet their customers’ every need. According to preliminary data, the chemical distribution indus- try should display improved performance for 2018 relative to the previous fewyears. “Despite last year’s improved turnover, our figures are still below 2014 levels, the year which preceded the onset of recession in Brazil, whichwe have been experien- cing to this day. As for the Brazilian economy itself, chemical distribution entrepreneurs seemto have positive expectations and to be hopeful that the newly-appointed economic team will be able to lead the country to a virtuous circle, restoring the country’s GPDgrowth rates to considerably high levels that